Meet the Knowledge Library.

The Knowledge Library is a comprehensive collection of short videos covering a variety of topics including Azure, DevTest, Agile, Continuous Delivery, and more! The library augments Northwest Cadence consulting services and provides quick advice, tips, and demonstrations.

Let's get started!

Meet your guides.

Meet Dan.

Some of his videos: Create a SQL Server database project, Use the Schema Compare Utility in SSDT.

Meet Steve.

Some of his videos: Changeset Management, Create a multi-tenant app in Azure Active Directory.

Meet Sachi.

Some of her videos: Change the TFS Cache location, Create an Azure mobile service.

Meet Colin.

Some of his videos: What's new in Team Foundation Server 2015 RC, Use Git in Visual Studio 2015 RC.

Meet Becca.

Some of the ways she can help: Questions, demonstrations, and recommendations.