NWC Team

Meet Northwest Cadence.

Our values and mission

Our core values and mission drive our decisions and guide our behavior. At the heart of who we are, you will find: Honesty. Excellence. Accountability. Respect. Teamwork. These values impact the way we serve our customers and treat each other.

At Northwest Cadence, our mission is to help our clients meet their software development goals. With careful attention to both present and future, we live by solutions that can be implemented, metrics that can be measured, and knowledge-transfer to ensure sustainable success.

Training can be the most effective way to bring a team of people up to speed on a technology. It can connect a group through shared experiences, improve communication through mutual understanding, and unite a team towards common goals. At the same time, training can also be a colossal waste of time if not done right. Our trainers are experienced in adult learning concepts. We constantly revise our curriculum and we always work with you prior to gain a better understanding of your environment. Our unique qualifications and approach, coupled with our real world experience and technical depth, assures your training brings the highest impact for your team.